It's happening now: pre-order a Runcible of your very own today!

For a deeper dive, visit the campaign page which also has additional video, pictures and lots of information!

Runcible Babbage
The Babbage model is designed for the stylish experimenter and for the early adopter alike. This is a full-spec Runcible brain with a durable, organic feeling back made from reclaimed ocean plastic fished out of the Great Pacific Plastic Island.

Shipping in September, 2016

Runcible Lovelace
The limited edition Lovelace model is designed for the Aficionado. This is a full-spec Runcible brain with an iconic, unique, solid wood back made from local, sustainably harvested madrone wood in Mendocino County, California.

Shipping in September, 2016

This version is faster, higher resolution, and more hackable than the prototype we announced at Mobile World Congress. It features a quad core Snapdragon 410 processor which gives the device incredible power compared to the prototype. We’ve also included things developers have asked us for like 64-bit Linux, and Open GL ES3. We’ve made the system more modular and more directly accessible to you. You can even open the back and add your own components on exposed GPIO access points. It's beautiful, simple, and quiet. Finally, something new.

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